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Weapons are special items that characters use to deal melee damage to enemies. While most weapons can be found during the normal course of the game, some are only available as DLC. When a weapon is found, it is stored in the Weapon Frog. When new characters are unlocked, their starting weapons are unlocked, as well. Usually weapons are found in Weapon Bags. In-game weapon drops increase by playing with someone who already has the weapon.

Altogether, 79 weapons (not counting glitch weapons) are currently available. As the Weapon Frog still contains five open slots, the total number of weapons that will be available in Castle Crashers stands at 84.

  • For Xbox 360 players, 79 weapons are available: 64 in-game unlockable weapons, 14 downloadable content (DLC) weapons, and 1 that only is obtainable through online swapping with a player who already has it.
  • For PS3 players, 74 weapons are available: 69 in-game unlockable weapons and 5 downloadable content (DLC) weapons.
Skinny SwordThin SwordThick SwordPumpkin PeelerBarbarian AxeFishMeat TenderizerThief SwordSaiRat Beating BatSaracen SwordClubPitchforkGladiator SwordButcher KnifeHalf SwordCarrotGold SwordDual Prong SwordPlaydo Pasta MakerHook SwordPointy SwordFencer's FoilCurved SwordChewed Up SwordKey SwordRubber-Handle SwordApple PeelerMaceRound MaceUgly MaceClunky MaceRefined MaceSkeletor MaceSnakey MaceWrapped SwordKing's MaceLeafSheathed SwordPractice FoilTwigLeafy TwigLight SaberStaffWooden SpoonBone LegAlien GunFishing SpearLanceUnicorn HornRibeyeKielbasaLobsterUmbrellaBroad AxEvil SwordIce SwordCandlestickPanic MalletFishing RodWrenchBroad SpearChicken StickDemon SwordGlowstickNG Golden SwordNG LollipopChainsawAll the weapons in Castle Crashers!
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