Tiny Bat

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Tiny Bat
Tiny Bat
Location Rapids Ride, Pipestrello's Cave,
Tall Grass Field
Weight Light
Health 1
Strength None
Weakness None

The Tiny Bat appears as an enemy on the following levels:


Tiny Bats don't have much HP, so try to jump and kill them quickly in mid-air, as they can be treacherous if you leave them alive. It is recommended to kill them by preforming a Jump-Spin by pressing A (A) in mid-air during a jump. When playing Insane Mode, they can be a death trap when fighting Pipistrello. They will bite your head, holding you in place, then the boss will lick your head and cause you 999 damage.

Additional Information

  • If a Tiny Bat starts biting a player's head it will force the player to stop moving and mash X (X) to kill it.
  • A Tiny Bat explodes into blood when killed.
  • The Bitey Bat Animal Orb shares the same image as the Tiny Bat.
  • Pipistrello, when defeated, farts across the screen harmlessly. When the gas has passed, Pipestrello will be smaller as the Bitey Bat Animal Orb.
  • The animal orb Bi-Polar Bear will not kill these enemies, despite that they only take one hit to die
  • This is the weakest (out of three) enemy in the game.

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