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Stat Bonus None
Location Animal Ark

Sherbert increases jumping height.

How to Obtain

Sherbert can be found near the ceiling in the back of the Ark. In order to reach him, you must use a jump combo on the locked door, which will raise you high enough to touch him or eat a sandwich and then jump then hit Y or PS3 Triangle.png to start going up in the air. ( Also known as Big Air Dude on Glitches )

Another way to obtain Sherbert is by using the Magic Jump, which requires 20 points in Magic.

His position (looking through a hole in the ceiling with a blank look on his face) is meant to be an homage to the popular internet meme Ceiling Cat. He is also named after Tom Fulp's cat. [1]

Additional information

  • Sherbert is the only Animal Orb that can be obtained in the trial. Just use a magic jump.
  • Ironically, Sherbert allows you to jump higher, even though the way to obtain him is to jump high to his position.
  • Sherbert makes your regular jump a little bit higher than your magic jump.
  • This feline references the internet meme "ceiling cat."
  • Sherbert is one of two animal orbs that can be unlocked in the Animal Ark. (other being the Beholder)

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