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Magic Type Sand
Magic Splash Tornado
Magic Projectile Sand Wings
Magic Jump Dust Jump
Starting Weapon Saracen Sword
How to Unlock Beat game with Royal Guard
Win to Unlock (none)

Saracen is one of 31 known Characters for the game.

Magic Information

  • Splash Attack: Spins into a tornado that damages enemies upon contact
  • Projectile: Shoots out a large, sandy missile
  • Air Projectile: Right Trigger+Y The same as Splash Attack, Right Trigger+B The same as Projectile
  • Magic Jump: Leaps into the air with a burst of dust that damages adjacent enemies

Additional Information

  • Saracen has the same Splash Attack as the Bear. With the exception that the Bear's tornado is made of wind and the Saracen's is made of sand.
  • The tornado keeps spinning until you run out of magic.
  • The tornado's speed is not affected by saracen's agility
  • The Saracen on the Sand Castle Roof that gives you the Map is holding an Invisible sword.
  • He is one of the four characters shown with facial hair. The other characters are the King , Sailor and Blacksmith.
  • The Saracen is one of a handful of playable charaters that have their whole face showing.

Additional Images

The Saracen as he appears in the game.

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