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For strategies on defeating the Necromancer when fought in the story mode, see: Necromancer (Boss).

Magic Type Necromantic
Magic Splash Skeletal Hands
Magic Projectile Skeleton
Magic Jump Skeletal Jump
Starting Weapon Evil Sword
How to Unlock Necromantic Pack DLC (Xbox 360), Complete the Industrial Castle level on Insane Mode (PS3)
Win to Unlock (none)

A minion of the Evil Wizard, the Necromancer is one of 31 known Characters for the game. He is only available through DLC in the Xbox 360 version of Castle Crashers, though he can be unlocked in-game in the Playstation 3 version. The Necromancer is notable as being the only Boss character who can become playable.

Magic Information

  • Splash Attack: A series of skeletal hands come up from the ground
  • Projectile: Shoots a Skeleton that runs across the screen
  • Air Projectile: Shoots a horizontal (Right Trigger+B) or downward angled (Right Trigger+Y) Skeleton that, unlike other projectiles, does not explode with contact to the ground. Instead it straightens out and continues running.
  • Magic Jump: Leaps into the air with a burst of smoke and bones that damages adjacent enemies.

Additional Information

  • His air projectile is not very effective against the Dragon (with Sock Puppet).
  • As opposed to the enemy Necromancer, the playable Necromancer has no wings.
  • The Necromancer's starting weapon makes him an ideal defensive character.
  • The Necromancer and the Killer Beekeeper are the only two characters to have magic that summons other enemies.
  • The Necromancer has the same armor as the Conehead and Stove Face.
  • The Necromancer is one of only four characters to have horns. The other three are the Barbarian, Brute, and Blacksmith.
  • The Necromancer is the only playable boss in the game, with the exception of the Bear Boss.
  • A unique feature the Necromancer has is that his air projectile, a Skeleton, sinks immediately to the ground and can therefore hit any enemy and/or object in its path.

Additional Images

Necromancer as he appears in the game
Necromancer as he appears beefy

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