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One of Castle Crashers' bards.

The Music in Castle Crashers features over three dozen songs created either by The Behemoth or members of the Newgrounds community. Given the nature of their origin, these pieces often are considered to be far more creative or unique than those available in many major commercial games.

The tracks listed below all appear, in some form, in Castle Crashers. Five of these tracks - Castle Crashers Menu Loop, Four Brave Champions, Rage of the Champions, Second Thoughts, and Spanish Waltz - originated from a July 2007 music contest organized by Newgrounds. Nearly 150 other tracks also were submitted for consideration; for more information, see Castle Crashers Music Contest.

Information in italics below has not been confirmed.

Original Versions of In-Game Songs

Track # Track Name Author Used In
01 Four Brave Champions [1] David Orr Title Sequence; Credits
02 Flutey [2] Will Stamper? Character Select Screen; World Map; Pirate Ship intro
03 Castle Crashers Barracks Tune [3] Dan Paladin Barracks; Barracks (Party); Volleyball
04 Creepy Frog [4] Will Stamper? Home Castle; interlude after Lava World; Wizard Castle Takeoff & Interior*
05 Mudholes [5] Will Stamper? Home Castle; Castle Keep; Barbarian War
06 Spanish Waltz [6] Urbanus Blacksmith; Animal Ark; Stores; Dock
07 Weapon Frog [7] Will Stamper? Weapon Frog
08 Machiner [8] Will Stamper? War Machine battle
09 Factory [9] CornandBeans Barbarian Boss; Pipistrello battle
10 Gold Grab [10] Will Stamper? Boss Chest; All You Can Quaff minigame
11 Race Around the World [11] Waterflame Victory Fanfare
12 Jumper [12] Waterflame Forest Entrance; XMB interface on PS3
13 Space Pirates [13] Waterflame Thieves' Forest
14 The Show [14] Waterflame Troll Boss battle; Painter Boss battle
15 Techock [15] Waterflame Abandoned Mill
16 Dark Skies [16] Selcuk Bor Flowery Field; Wedding Crash; Industrial Castle; Full Moon
17 Till Death Do I Impart [17] Selcuk Bor Conehead Groom battle
18 Rage of the Champions [18] Selcuk Bor Tall Grass Field; Parade; Wizard Castle Takeoff flight
19 Landfall [19] Cycerin Cave of Tall Grass Field; Pipistrello's Cave; Cyclops' Cave
20 Black Knight [20] Will Stamper? Cyclops battle; Undead Cyclops battle
21 Vain Star [21] Cycerin Cyclops' Gate; Cyclops' Fortress; Lava World
22 Drumlift V2 [22] Will Stamper? Volcano battle
23 Chaoz Japan [23] ParagonX9 Pirate Ship
24 (Please) Don't [24] Snayk Desert; Desert Chase
25 Alien Ship (Alien Hominid Theme Remix) [25] Will Stamper? Alien Ship
26 Sand Castle [26] Will Stamper? Sand Castle Interior; Sand Castle Roof
27 Sand [27] Will Stamper? Sand Castle Roof volleyball game
28 Swampland [28] Waterflame Marsh
29 Corn Boss [29] Will Stamper? Catfish; Corn Boss; Volleyball game point
30 Flooded Castle [30] Will Stamper? Rapids Ride; Flooded Temple
31 The Ruins [31] Will Stamper? Medusa's Lair
32 Medusa [32] Will Stamper? Medusa battle
33 Winterbliss [33] Cycerin Industrial Castle entrance; Flooded Temple entrance; Snow World
34 Drumlift [34] Will Stamper? Bear Boss battle, Wizard Castle Takeoff confrontation
35 Second Thoughts [35] David Orr Dragon (with Sock Puppet) & Industrial Machine battles; Ice Castle; Wizard Castle Interior; Final Battle
36 Simple Sight [36] RealFaction Necromancer battle
37 Warsong [37] David Orr Final Battle
38 Tricky's Song (The Sailor's Hornpipe) [38] Dan Paladin Barracks (Party)
39 Castle Crashers Menu Loop [39] CornandBeans Online multiplayer Arena, All You Can Quaff, and Volleyball menus
40 Archetype [40] Helix6 Arena battles; Player vs. Player battles

*Initially, the music will fade out as the player enters the Painter's Room, Undead Cyclops' Room or Necromancer's Room. But if the game is paused then unpaused, the music will resume at full volume. This likely is a small bug.

Alternate Versions of In-Game Songs

These are recut or remade versions of the in-game tracks, usually arranged by the original author.

Track # Track Name Author
01a Four Brave Champions (Full Version) [41] David Orr
01b Castle Crashin' the Song [42] Anthouse21
01c Castle Crashers Theme (Loop) [43] Eddie
11a Race Around the World 2 [44] Waterflame
11b Race Around the World T745 Remix [45] Tommo745
16a Dark Skies Remix [46] CleaverX
24a Don't [47] Snayk
36a Simple Sight 2010 Remix [48] RealFaction
36b Simple Sight 2010 Remix (Instrumental) [49] RealFaction
36c Simple Sight 2011 Remix [50] RealFaction
36d Simple Sight 2012 Metal Mix [51] RealFaction
36e Death of Necromancer (sequel to Simple Sight) [52] RealFaction
36f Simple Sight Rock-Only Mix [53] Hating4am
36g Necromancer Battle Remix [54] Parkerpower
39a Color-Coded Killers [55] Steve Guzzi
39b Castle Crashers Battle MenuRAP [56] Xeko
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