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Magic Type Industrial
Magic Splash Ground Sawblades
Magic Projectile Sawblade
Magic Jump Lift of Pollution
Starting Weapon Ugly Mace
How to Unlock Beat game with Blue Knight
Win to Unlock Fencer

Industrialist is one of 31 known Characters for the game.

Magic Information

  • Splash Attack: Sends forth a barrage of giant saw blades.(Right Trigger+Y) or (PS3 R2.png+PS3 Triangle.png)
  • Projectile: Throws a small saw blade.(PS3 R2.png+PS3Circle.png)
  • Air Projectile: Throws a horizontal A(Right Trigger+B) or PS3 X.png(PS3 R2.png+PS3Circle.png) or downward angled (Right Trigger+Y)small saw blade.
  • Magic Jump: Leaps into the air with a burst of purple smoke that damages adjacent enemies.(Right Trigger+A) or (PS3 R2.png+PS3 X.png)

Other Appearances

Industrialists are subjects of the Industrial Prince and usually are seen alongside Fencers. They help the Industrial Prince take possession of one of the four Princesses.

Additional Information

  • The Industrialist's magic is the same as the Fencer's.
  • The Industrialist starts with the longest ranged magic in the game.
  • The Industrialist's magic ignores all terrain obstacles--even the halfcourt line on the Volleyball court.
  • The Industrialist's magic has the cheapest mana cost of all playable characters.
  • The Industrialist's Splash Attack is extremely effective against most Bosses, including the Evil Wizard, Pipistrello, Barbarian Boss, and even the Catfish and the Painter Boss. It's also effective against any enemies that do not get knocked down easily.
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