Fire Demon

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Fire Demon
Fire Demon
Magic Type Fire
Magic Splash Fire Plumes
Magic Projectile Fireball
Magic Jump Fire Jump
Starting Weapon Round Mace
How to Unlock Beat game with Orange Knight
Win to Unlock Ninja

Fire Demon is one of 31 known Characters for the game.

Magic Information

The Fire Demon's Magic attacks deal poor damage.

  • Splash Attack: Releases a series of vertical flames
  • Projectile: Shoots a fireball
  • Air Projectile : Shoots a horizontal (Right Trigger+B) or downward angled (Right Trigger+Y) fireball
  • Magic Jump: Leaps into the air with a burst of flames that damages adjacent enemies

Additional Information

  • The Fire Demon's wings remain in the same position when climbing up surfaces via ladders and when blocking with his shield.
  • Its starting weapon, the Round Mace, makes it an ideal magic character.
  • A skeleton of a Fire Demon is found in the Undead Cyclops' room, encased in a ruby.
  • A Fire Demon appears to be the clerk at the Volcano Store.
  • NPC Fire Demons are resistant to the Fire element.
  • On the Behemoth's Development Blog, it said that "More effects added to elemental attacks for Alien Hominid, Demon and Iceskimo!". But the additional effects are as of yet unknown.
  • The Fire Demon is the only playable character with wings.
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