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Stat Bonus None
Location Necromantic Pack DLC (Xbox 360), Insane Store (PS3)

Dragonhead occasionally shoots fire, He also shoots more often than Pelter.

How to Obtain

Dragonhead can be unlocked by purchasing the Necromantic Pack DLC from the Xbox LIVE marketplace for 160 Microsoft Points. (360)

Dragonhead can be bought in the Insane Store for 5500 gold. (PS3)


Dragonhead's fire damage is dependent on the player's magic, the higher your magic, the more damage Dragonhead's attacks cause. The attack will also cause secondary fire damage that is 4 points less than the first hit.

Additional Information

  • Dragonhead and Pelter are the most expensive animal orbs.
  • Dragonhead is believed to be based off of the Dragon at the end of Lava World

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