Blue Knight

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Blue Knight
Blue Knight
Magic Type Ice
Magic Splash Ice Rain
Magic Projectile Ice Bullet
Magic Jump Ice Jump
Starting Weapon Sheathed Sword
How to Unlock Default Character
Win to Unlock Industrialist

Blue Knight is one of 31 known Characters for the game. He is one of the four default (starting) characters.

Magic Information

The Blue Knight's Magic attacks freeze enemies, rendering them immobile.

  • Splash Attack: Brings forth a shower of giant icicles. The number of icicles increase as the Blue Knight's magic skill increases.
  • Projectile: Shoots an icicle horizontally.
  • Air Projectile: Shoots a small icicle (Right Trigger+B) or brings forth a shower of giant icicles (Right Trigger+Y). ( PS3 R2.png+PS3Circle.png or PS3 R2.png+PS3 Triangle.png respectively. (PS3) )
  • Magic Jump: Leaps into the air with an icy fist that freezes and damages adjacent enemies.

The Blue Knight as he appears in the intro sequence.

Additional Information

  • With a high enough Strength, the Blue Knight can keep enemies frozen indefinitely by continually performing his XXXY/ PS3 Square.png PS3 Square.png PS3 Square.png PS3 Triangle.png combo.
  • The Blue Knight performs the same Splash Attack on the ground and as a Angled Air Projectile.
  • The Blue Knight shares the same Splash Attack as the Iceskimo.
  • The Blue Knight's arrows have blue feathers.
  • The Blue Knight matches the [Princesses|Blue Princess]].
  • The Blue Knight's Splash Attack uses more mana than compared to other characters.

Additional Images

The Blue Knight as he appears in the game.
The Blue Knight as he appears in the game.
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