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Playable Characters are characters that players can control in Castle Crashers. Players may always use the four default knights, but up to 25 additional characters are available either through normal play, or through purchasing downloadable content.
Unlocking a character will unlock that character's starting weapon, provided that the weapon has not already been unlocked.

Green KnightRed KnightBlue KnightOrange KnightGray KnightBarbarianThiefFencerKiller BeekeeperIndustrialistAlienKingBruteSnakeySaracenRoyal GuardStove FacePeasantBearNecromancerConeheadCivilianOpen Faced Gray KnightFire DemonSkeletonIceskimoNinjaCult MinionPink KnightBlacksmithHatty HattingtonEvery playable character in Castle Crashers!
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Available Characters

Default Characters

  • Green Knight: A knight with the power to control the element of poison.
  • Red Knight: A knight with the power to control the element of electricity.
  • Blue Knight: A knight with the power to control the element of ice.
  • Orange Knight: A knight with the power to control the element of fire.

Unlockable Characters

  • Gray Knight: One of the brave and loyal knights of the King.
  • Barbarian: An uncivilized enemy that lives for raiding and pillaging.
  • Thief: An agile enemy with a bow and arrow; he lives up to his name by stealing gold and food.
  • Fencer: A minion of the Industrial Prince.
  • Killer Beekeeper: Keeper of the killer bees in Flowery Field.
  • Industrialist: A worker at the Industrial Castle.
  • Alien: An extraterrestrial who bears an uncanny resemblance to Alien Hominid.
  • Brute: A mighty warrior of the forest.
  • Snakey: A knight protector of the Flooded Temple and Marsh.
  • Saracen: An enemy soldier from the Desert.
  • Royal Guard: A guardian of the Sand Castle.
  • Stove Face: An elite, heavily armored black knight that guards the path to Snow World.
  • Peasant: A loyal subject of the King.
  • Bear: A member of a feral tribe of white bears.
  • Conehead: A knight of the Conehead Groom and Cyclops.
  • Civilian: A townsperson living at Home Castle.
  • Fire Demon: An evil guardian of Lava World.
  • Skeleton: An undead enemy reanimated by the Necromancer.
  • Iceskimo: An enemy who guards the way to the Ice Castle.
  • Ninjer: A ninja that ambushes other ships at sea. He rides on a pirate ship

Downloadable Content Characters

Available in King Pack DLC (XBLA) or Insane Mode (PSN)

  • King: The king of Home Castle and lord of the Knights.
  • Open Faced Gray Knight: A brave knight of the King with his helmet open and face exposed.

Available in Necromantic Pack DLC (XBLA) or Insane Mode (PSN)

  • Necromancer: A powerful flying villain with the power to raise the dead.
  • Cult Minion: A minion of the Necromancer and Evil Wizard.

Available in Pink Knight Pack DLC (PSN and XBLA)

  • Pink Knight: A knight that spreads peace and joy throughout the land (while crashing castles).

Available in Legend of the Blacksmith DLC (PSN and XBLA)

  • Blacksmith: A knight that was hidden in the shadows of mystery.

Available in Can't Stop Crying DLC (PSN and XBLA)

How to Unlock Characters

Characters other than the four default knights may be unlocked in one of several ways, as listed below.

Characters Unlocked by Finishing Castle Crashers

The following characters may be unlocked by completing Castle Crashers with the character listed to his left.

Finish with this default character to unlock this character; finish as this to unlock this character
Green Knight Royal Guard Saracen
Red Knight Skeleton Bear
Blue Knight Industrialist Fencer
Orange Knight Fire Demon Ninja

Characters Unlocked by Completing a Level

The following characters may be unlocked by completing the specified stage or arena level.

Complete this level to unlock this character; finish game as this to unlock this character
Barbarian Boss Gray Knight Stove Face
King's Arena Barbarian Killer Beekeeper
Thieves' Arena Thief Snakey
Volcano Arena Conehead
Peasant Arena Peasant Civilian
Icy Arena Iceskimo Brute
Alien Ship (PS3), or complete at least one achievement on Alien Hominid HD (X360) Alien
Catfish on Insane Mode (PS3 only) Open Faced Gray Knight
Pipistrello's Cave on Insane Mode (PS3 only) King
Industrial Castle on Insane Mode (PS3 only) Necromancer
Ice Castle on Insane Mode (PS3 only) Cult Minion

Characters Available as Downloadable Content

The characters in this chart are only available as Downloadable Content (DLC) on the indicated systems.

Download this Pack on X360 on PS3 to unlock these characters
King Pack DLC X King and Open Faced Gray Knight
Necromantic Pack DLC X Necromancer and Cult Minion
Pink Knight Pack DLC X X Pink Knight
Legend of the Blacksmith DLC X X Blacksmith
Can't Stop Crying DLC X X Hatty Hattington

Character Unlock Flowchart

The following chart shows how to unlock all characters except the Pink Knight, Blacksmith and Hatty Hattington.

Castle Crashers Flow Chart.jpg
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